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She raised her head and she was laughing. "Oh, Valentine, whatever shall I do with you?"
He looked at her calculatingly. She seemed soft, amenable, perhaps even open to suggestion after her shock.
He smiled as charmingly as he knew how. "You could marry me."
She smiled back, a little sadly. "Could I?"
"Yes," he said earnestly. "You could."
But she merely shook her head and laid it again on his breast.
He thought and thought - many considered him quite a genius, including himself - and at last he thought of something he could say. "I'm sorry."
She lifted her head. "What?"
Yes, this was obviously the correct thing to say. "I'm sorry for killing Dyemore." He remembered the pool of blood around Foxy. "And possibly the man wearing the fox mask."
He thought about the men who had kidnapped her.
But he hadn't done anything to them... yet. He glanced out of the corner of his eyes at her. Surely she didn't have some nonsensical rule about future murders?
Just in case he crossed his fingers.
And smiled at her.
Duke of Sin - Elizabeth Hoyt

lundi 2 janvier 2017

Mon carnet de lecture 2017

Les titres précédés d'un astérisque sont chroniqués sur le blog


Janvier 2017 (9 livres lus)
Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (#9 Pennyroyal Green) de Julie Anne Long 3,5 / 5
*Week-end sous la neige de Cathryn Parry 2,75/5
*Retour à Glasgow (#1 MacIain) de Karen Ranney 3,5/5
*La quête d'une femme libre (#2 MacIain) de Karen Ranney♥ 4,25/5
It Started With a Scandal (#10 Pennyroyal Green) de Julie Anne Long 4/5
*Amis et RIEN de plus de Kristan Higgins 4/5
Rumors That Ruined a Lady (#4 Armstrong Sisters) de Marguerite Kaye 3/5
La vipère (#4 Chevaliers des Highlands) de Monica McCarty♥ 5/5
Révélations (#7 Virgin River) de Robyn Carr♥ 5/5

Février 2017
Duke of my Heart (#1 Season for Scandal) de Kelly Bowen 2/5
Sous contrôle (#7 KGI) de Maya Banks 3/5
*Les nuits de Ceylan de Rosemary Rogers 1,5/5
*La rose de Grayson Park (#2 Les gentlemem de Fallow Hall) de Vivienne Lorret 2/5
Duke of Pleasure (#11 Maiden Lane) d'Elizabeth Hoyt♥ 4,25/5
Retrouvailles (#8 Virgin River) de Robyn Carr 3,75/5
The Legend of Lyon Redmond (#11 Pennyroyal Green) de Julie Anne Long♥ 4,25/5
L'escroc de mon coeur (#2 Lively St. Lemeston) de Rose Lerner♥ 4,25/5

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